[Epiphany] "Web Browser" can't access files at "file" locationsFIXED


Sorry for the not so informative heading, it's early in hte morning and I
haven't woken up yet :)

I've seen previous posting regarding this error, this happens when you
right click on a html file and try to open with "Web Browser" and you get
the following error:

"Web Browser" can't open "some.html" because "Web Browser" can't access
files at "file" locations.  Would you like to choose another application?

If this is already known then please ignore, I've pinned down the problem
to gnome-mime-data not having the required info regarding Epiphany,

I'm currently running gnome-mime-data-2.3.0 from Debian Sid, I downloaded
gnome-mime-data-2.3.2 from:


and installed using the default debian locations and it now works and
opens Epiphany when you choose "Web Browser".

As far as I know this has also effected RedHat as well, so if you do get
this make sure you are running gnome-mime-data-2.3.2.

Hope this helps someone.


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