[Epiphany] Hierarchical topics (or whatever you want to call it)

Hi everyone. I've been subscribed to the list for some time and I've
also witnessed all this discussion about the new bookmarks method vs.
the traditional one. I have been using Epiphany for a while and I've
thought up of something that I don't know if someone might have brought
up before I subscribed, but here it goes.

The thing is to have nested topics, so that when you bookmark a page in
some topic it is also automatically added to all parent topics. I don't
know if this is something that will resemble way too much to the
traditional method, so I might be flamed a lot... well, you're welcome
to do it (and I must admit that I like a lot the Epiphany bookmarks
method). As I mentioned above I haven't been in the list for too much
time. If that's the case (very similar to old method, I mean) an option
like "Allow nested/hierarchical topics" could be added. What do you

Cheers and splendid work!

Alfonso Muņoz-Pomer Fuentes <etinarcadiaego@terra.es>

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