[Epiphany] UI Questions (Bookmarks, Images)


Since I'm not subscribed, I was hoping that you could please CC me on any responses.

I apologize if these have already been answered, but I'm lost =)

1. In galeon I used to have smart bookmarks in my toolbar that let me type in my query and have them automatically sent to my site in question.  I had one for google, rpmfind.net, etc.  As long as the bookmark was of form <url>=%s a smart bookmark with accompanying textbox was made.  Will I ever be able to do this in epiphany, if so how?  I don't like the searching via the toolbar method personally.

2. When adding a bookmark, the check box for "add to bookmarks bar" should be displayed at the same time.  Currenty I need to open the bookmarks list and then re-edit the bookmark I just made to get this functionality.  Either that or a "add bookmark to toolbar" should be available from the contextual menu.

3. Is there any way to block images by server name?  I think this is something users would use, if only to limit their advertising exposure.

Just my $0.02,


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