[Epiphany] Re: Confused about bookmark use

Louis Garcia writes: 

> I'm trying to switch from galeon and the whole bookmark issue in
> epiphany is confusing. First I don't see a bookmark in the upper menus
> like file, edit, view. The bookmarks bar only has All and I can't seem
> to add any other bookmarks to that bar like the bookmarks toolbar in
> galeon. 
> --Lou

The bookmark system the epiphany uses is quite different from the more 
commonly used file folder idiom of traditional bookmark systems (galeon, ie, 
mozilla). The epiphany bookmark system is pretty much just a large database 
of your bookmarks. Instead of folders you can use multiple topics to 
categorize your bookmarks. In the bookmarks window, "All" is a special topic 
that includes all of your bookmarks, and for convenience the bookmarks bar 
"All" shows all your bookmakrs according to their topics. 

We the epiphany team feel that the traditional bookmarks menu is highly 
inefficient and that our database approach is far superior. In particular 
the bookmark editor is very easy to use. 

Also you can type a Topics name in the address entry and get a list of all 
bookmarks that are included in that topic. 

I hope some of this make sense, its late and i'm pretty tired. This reminds 
me I really need to write the chapter in the help manual about how to use 
the epiphany bookmarks system. 


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