RE: [Epiphany] Re: Default layout discussion

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 11:50, wrote:
> >To be honest if I had it my way I would add mnemonic label to the address
> >
> >entry too (which would shorten it a bit), but everyone would probably scream
> >
> >at me. 
> I'd say that too except that we would not have a nice place for the icon
> anymore.

Could this be combined maybe with a list of most visited (or recent)
sites? Something like a "Location" button left from the locationbar
which can be clicked to get this list? I understand that this would be
on the border of beeing crack, but would it cross the border? It would
also have some advantages like providing the mnemonic and if it has this
down arrow at the left side, it should be pretty logical.
Not sure, but something along that line maybe? I like the idea to have
some kind of label there but I also like the idea to use this place for
something functional. :)
Updated Screenshot:
In turn, the dropdown button (on the right) could probably even be
removed (as long as autocomplete would still work). So you basically
have the dropdown on the left side, where it would appear.
Hm the space on the right could then even be used to place a Nautilus
like zoom-control there. =) Just brainstorming now but it would make the
locationbar more Nautilus-like and it would certainly be useful.


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