[Epiphany] Re: Getting rid of toolbars

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes: 

> On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 22:01, Stephen Blake wrote:
>> Hi all, 
>> I was fooling around with editing toolbars, and I accidentally created a
>> new one. It doesn't have anything on it, and I'd like to get rid of it,
>> but I cant seem to. If I right click on it while editing toolbars, the
>> remove toolbar option comes up in the context menu, but clicking on it
>> doesn't do anything. I even tried deleting it out of
>> ~/.gnome2/epiphany/ephy-toolbar.xml, but it just comes right back after
>> I restart epiphany. I couldn't see a gconf key that stored it, either.
>> Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
> Yeah that was a bad bug we left in the release :/
> Editing the xml should work and actually works for me. You can also
> remove the xml file to get back  to defaults. 

Well deleting the xml file will only work if epiphany isn't loaded into 
memory right? since when you "quit epiphany" the xml files are written to 
disk. This reminds me we should probably save the various node xml files and 
toolbar files to disk more often than at application exist, since some users 
(like me) never really quit epiphany (I always tend to keep the bme open), 
and a crash could result in major data loss. 


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