Re: [Epiphany] bonobo problem

> ____________________________________________________________________
> Epiphany can't be used now. Running the command "bonobo-slay" from the
> console may fix the problem. If not, you can try rebooting the computer
> or installing Epiphany again.
> Bonobo couldn't locate the GNOME_Epiphany_Automation.server.
> ____________________________________________________________________

I ran into the same thing a few weeks ago and wrote up a solution here:

The problem is that make install doesn't install the
'data/GNOME_Epiphany_*server' files to the configured bonobo server
location.  I've been told you can either configure bonobo to look
elsewhere (wherever the make file installs them), or you can copy them
by hand:

$ cp data/GNOME_Epiphany_*server /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/

Bruce Alderson <>

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