[Epiphany] Location widget ignoring GTK key theme

I have Gnome and GTK set up to use the "Emacs" key theme. It works in
other GTK programs, the Preferences dialog, etc, etc. However, if I
click on the location widget on the Epiphany toolbar, I get the
following behavior:

Ctrl-A: selects all text in the widget
Ctrl-U: does "view source" on the current page

I would expect this to happen if I had the page focused (selecting all
text on the page, for the Ctrl-A case), but, when the location widget
(any text entry widget, really) is focused I would like my key theme to
override any other application-specific bindings.

How can this be fixed? (Assuming we agree it should be fixed.) I see
where the bindings are defined in ephy-window.c... could it be as easy
as checking, in window_cmd_whatever, if the location widget is focused
and if so just passing the event on to it? I'm not really familiar with
Egg, or Gnome programming in general.

(This is using current CVS... please CC me... thanks.)

things change.

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