Re: [Epiphany] importing large bookmarks - suggestion

On Sî, 2003-06-07 at 10:38, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> News
> Php
> News and Php
I don't understand this. Wouldn't 2 keywords for the 'Apache Week'
bookmark be enough, 'news' and 'php' ?

> I guess we should consider two factors:
> - How usable is the collection without any change
> - How easy is to make changes to the collection to make it usable
My bookmark folders are usually only one word, so this would work for
me, but what about people who have them from more words? Make each word
a keyword?

Another example from my bookmarks. I'm a web developer and I have
bookmark with the same names but in different folders ( devel, demo,
live ) which are in the folder with project name. Keywords approach
would work if I type 'project demo application_name', right?

Marius Andreiana
Soluţii informatice bazate pe Linux / Linux-based IT solutions

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