Re: [Epiphany] load new tabs in background

> I think the key word here is "potential".  Even the bulk of inidividuals 
> using mozilla on their stock redhat 9 are not this "potential" user base you 
> speak of.  Almost all people who use linux at all are one of a) geeks (99% 
> of all epiphany users), b) engineers who use linux as their engineering 
> workstation (everyone at my work), c) software developers, d) checkers at 
> Burlington Coat Factory who don't have web browsers installed anyway.  Of 
> coarse thinking about the future is smart but not at the expense of the 
> preferences of the entirety of your current user base.

It's not only about potential. You was talking about making that sort of
tool available on pre releases ... Final Redhat releases are a different
Still, if you have a look to you will see that the
project has ever been targeted to not technical users.


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