Re: [Usability] Re: [Epiphany] epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

> I should note that nothing is going to prevent you from using galeon or
> mozilla. We do feel that it is important that gnome have a 'blessed' and
> integrated web browser, but particularly until epiphany is accessible,
> GNOME will very much support (and hopefully even improve) the ability to
> switch web browsers. 

I don't disagree, and I know I can always install anything.  One point
that I feel is often taken for granted with the HIG and many Gnome
philosophers (I know I'm gonna get flamed for that ;) ) is the keep it
simple and it should just work.  I feel this very _very_ true... I
really feel this way about an os/distribution/desktop.  I shouldn't have
to install extra stuff to get what I want or _need_.   I often feel that
many people try to take the keep it simple (masked under the saying "it
should just work") to far though.  I prefer to use whatever the default
is in gnome, mind you I don't mind tweaking settings b/c I like a dark
background as opposed to a light background, but I shouldn't have to
install a windows manager, a terminal, and 16 other applications just to
get things the way I like them.  If I do that then the _distribution_
doesn't "just work".    

A more close to home example may be the middle click debate... To me it
should open a new window/tab when you middle click a _link_ and should
auto when you are over a standars (non link) portion of the page.  It
shouldn't be an option in a preference(really shouldn't be an option in
gconf).  It should just work... doing what is natural depending on the
situation at that given instant (e.g. over a link or not).

So what I would hope to be able to do is offer some insight, and
hopefully help out with coding some(seeing how I use gnome so much I
don't mind giving a little back) so that the default browser will "just
work".  I may have to resort to gconf b/c some option I can't live with
out is considered a "power user" option and clutters up a preference
dialog, but I can live with having to use a special app to configure
epiphany to have a really kick butt integrated browser(as opposed to
downloading, compiling, installing, and maintaining something else b/c
the defaults don't work).  Not to mention there are a lot of great
things about epiphany that would warrant switching over.


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