Make bookmark folders simply be directories; let bookmarks be filed immediately

I require a bookmark system which lets me

    (1) file my bookmarks at the time I save them;
	otherwise, I accumulate masses of unorganized bookmarks
	which often have unmnemonic names.

    (2) share folders selectively with other users
	and groups of users

The simplest method for allowing multi-level bookmarks with
shareability is to store them in a directory hierarchy.  Since
this is something everyone already understands there is no
problem with added complexity.

When I imported my bookmarks from Galeon into Epiphany it flattened
the tree and created total chaos.

Thanks for taking feedback,

J. Greg Davidson	jgd well com	+1 (858) 452-8059

"Dream as if you'll live forever; Live as if you'll die tomorrow"
		-James Dean

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