Re: [Epiphany] Fonts configuration proposal

 > 3 User stylesheet, defined by the user.
 > For 3, in my opinion, we should just provide a simple interface to
 > allow users to costumize a few properties. I considered a theme like
 > approach but I think it's an overkill. Better to leave that part up
 > to 2, as there is already a theme configured desktop wide, it's just
 > matter to get information from it (we could even make a css part of
 > the metatheme).

 Please consider the possibility of loading arbitrary stylesheets, too.
 A simple interface for font properties and a couple other things
 (foreground, background, dunno what else) is ok and helpful, as long as
 it can be associated with a website.  CSS implementors don't use any
 kind of namespace, not usually at least, (that is, their classes are
 called "Headline" instead of "LWN:Headline" for example), which makes
 user stylesheets pretty much useless.  I have somewhere this:

    div.Headline {
        font-size: 115% !important

 that's for the LWN site, which for my taste uses a too small font for
 their headers.

 But you don't really want to design a stylesheet editor in Epiphany,
 which is what this kind of thing would require.  So, instead of that,
 just leave the interface at a reasonable level, but allow the user to
 specify files with full-blown stylesheets, too.  This can be done
 simply by having Epiphany write out simple stylesheets with the
 properties in the GUI, and load those files back, and let the user edit
 the files if we wishes to (I'm by no means saying this is easy or even
 doable -- CSS is a complex beast, and I have no idea if the Gecko API
 has something to deal with it "from outside")



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