Re: [Epiphany] FAQ

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 09:45, Stefan Rotsch wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think having a FAQ on our website would be a good idea. So here's a
> draft - some questions and a short note how the answer should look like.
> Please give comments, new/better questions, answers, ...

Sorry for the delay of this. Fixing bugs had higher priority :)

> DRAFT: epiphany FAQ
> * Why is it called "epiphany"? There is already another project
>   with that name!
>   -> quote Marco's email explaining that
> * Where can I change proxy settings?
>   -> point to gnome-network-preferences
> * How to edit toolbars?
>   -> explain drag-and-drop

This is something that should be in the help only I think.

> * Why does epiphany manage bookmarks in a different way than mozilla?
>   -> introduction to topics
> * How can I add bookmarks to the bookmarks bar?
>   -> bookmarks dialog

Again, something for the docs.

> * Where is the spinner / the epiphany icon?
>   -> make sure to have recent gnome-themes package installed

Something that I'd add:

- Epiphany doesnt start but show a dialog "Epiphany can't be used now. "
                         "Running the command \"bonobo-slay\" "
                         "from the console may fix the problem.
-> Configure bonobo with the prefix epiphany .server are installed

- Compile warnings
-> How to disable warnings (and to report a bug)

- Mozilla compile options to work with epiphany

- Why another GNOME browser (galeon).

- The metacity FAQ in the manifest prolly.

- Something about extensions ?

I'm sure I have more but let's begin to get these done, then I'll let
you know when people remind me the others ;)


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