Re: [Epiphany] Re: about case sensitivity...

Il lun, 2003-08-11 alle 05:13, Tony Tsui ha scritto:
> Hi,
> >>mpeseng at writes: 
> >>
> >> Nope we plan to fix it but post 1.0, bug number ?
> >>
> The bug number is 109342.
> I wrote a patch for it didn't get any feedback on it. I assume it didn't
> make the feature freeze.
> I'm happy to continue improving the patch if it's not up to scratch.
> > WE should probably clarify that we plan to fix it, but the fix is to use the 
> > gtk2.4 kris combo that as I recall should do this automagically for us 
> > according to kris?. I think the bug was closed because we didn't plan to fix 
> > the current code. 
> > dave
> Hmmm the bug isn't closed. If using the gtk2.4 combo is the solution
> perhaps we can update the bug.

I'm sorry to have not looked to your patch before (lack of time :/). I
think we are too near to the release to risk these changes and we should
delay it to post 2.4 (using new gtk combo).


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