Re: [Epiphany] Cannot set some prefs.js settings

On Sun, 2003-08-03 at 02:22, Martin Stubenschrott wrote:

> > Yeah for mozilla settings for what we have hardcoded values there is
> > no way to allow
> > users to set them.
> First of all thanks for the quick reply :)
> I am not really a good programmer, but couldn't it be (easily) be 
> possible to use a user.js file or something which overrides all 
> settings?

I think the only acceptable solution would be to distribute a prefs.js
file with epiphany with all mozilla defaults, tweaked for our needs,
like phoenix does.
I dont think this is possible though, it need to be installed in mozilla
If you distribute a .js with some prefs to override, even ignoring the
fact that mozilla api doesnt allow to load it, you have the problem of
when you need to load it. You could do an hack to do it only first time
epiphany is runned but then it will be never updated on new releases.

> Or otherwise I think it should be possible to use something like
> "./configure --disable_default_prefs" or something like this to comment 
> out the mozilla_set_default_prefs() function, because it is stupid if 
> you need to change this file for every new version I compile.

Many of these prefs are necessary for epiphany to work correctly.

> Of course a GConf settings would also be great since not everybody 
> likes google, and so there would be freedom of choice again :)

I think a gconf pref for keywords search engine is necessary ... would
be good to post a bug.


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