[Epiphany] Interested GTK only, not Gnome

You developer guys probably don't want to know about this, but
I have a need for a small browser that only requires the GTK+ 1.2
libraries, not Gnome.

I've developed a tiny Linux distro called "Puppy", that is only 21M
live-CD iso, and runs totally in a 48M ramdisk --with a full suite of
GUI apps --so all apps start instantly and respond instantly.

I'm currently using Hacked Links, a derivative of Links, but would like
Mozilla if I could cut down the bloat. Puppy only has the Athena neXtaw
and GTK+ v1.2 libraries. So far all apps only written in C, but I will
accept C++ if necessary.

Here is Puppy homepage:

It would be a great project if someone would take it onboard to cut
Moz down, without all that UI bloat, to run in Puppy. The ramdisk size
can be increased if necessary.

Barry Kauler
--note I'm not subscribed to Epiphany mail list.

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