[Epiphany] Re: Smart bookmarks on home:smartbookmarks

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes: 

> On Sun, 2003-04-27 at 18:15, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
>> The page contains only two smartbookmarks, it should be updated.
>> It's just matter to get some of them from the galeon database and
>> organize them in a few categories. The xml format is very simple and I
>> can help with it. Any takers ?;)
> Argh, forgot to say that the choosen smart bookmarks should not be
> hackers oriented (bugzilla ....). 
> Marco 

Here's my opinion on this. We should include a stock set of smart bookmarks 
under a "Smart Bookmarks" topic. Defaults should include (based on current 
galeon ones) "Search with Google", "Search for images with google", "Lookup 
in dictionary", "stocks", etc. Terminology is open to question. 

Also we should kill the smart bookmarks page in home: and instead include a 
default bookmark under the smart bookmarks topic that points to a database 
of smart bookmarks, either maintain by us or another group. This has the 
advantage of making updating the database of available ones easier on us 
(since we can do it whenever). This page would also include some more 
hackerish smartbookmarks that users can choose to add etc. 

finally the help text on the current smartbookmarks page should be moved 
into the epiphany help documentation, where it belongs anyway. 


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