[Epiphany] Re: mozembed widget

ext Christopher Blizzard wrote:

> Philippe Laporte wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     This is about GTK widgets to embed Gecko/Mozilla.
>> The mozilla tree provides gtkmozembed. This has very limited 
>> functionality.
>> Galeon subclasses gtkmozembed and adds lots of functionality, but 
>> that widget is licensed under GPL.
>> I haven't looked at epiphany yet, nor am I aware of much of the 
>> motives behind it.
>> Does it use the same mozembed widget as Galeon? 
> They all use the mozembed widget. 

When I say mozembed widget, I mean the gtk widget used to embed Mozilla. 
So do Galeon and Epiphany use the same? I am guessing not, from the 
following comment by Marco Gritti:

If not, can the epiphany mozembed widget be released under LGPL?

I have no problem with that. But all contributors should give permission
I guess ? (I'm not a license expert at all).
Consider that the widget add some gnome dependencies.


>> If so, since the set of functionalities in gtkmozembed is somewhat 
>> arbitrary, did anyone ever consider integrating the code into 
>> gtkmozembed in the mozilla tree? If so, what were the hurdles? Only 
>> that  they wanted a more restrictive license? Or, is it possible to 
>> have the widget released under LGPL?
>> If not, can the epiphany mozembed widget be released under LGPL? 
> That's up to the epiphany folks, but all that code is based on the 
> mozembed code that's in the Mozilla tree. 

I meant what I wrote upstairs to say that this was understood.

> I didn't add to much functionality to the embedding widget because I 
> didn't think that it needed too much.  I didn't want to set any UI 
> policy because it was just supposed to be a widget that covered 80% of 
> the functionality needed and that's it. 

The mozembed widget by itself does not set a UI policy. But 
functionalities such as zooming vs DOM events callbacks are arbitrarily 
included. Some custom GTK signals (ex: status_change) don't even have 
handlers in TestGtkEmbed. I just mean why not extend that functionality 
to what is used in Galeon, even if TestGtkEmbed ignores the signals?

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