[Epiphany] Favicon bug


Not sure where we're supposed to be reporting bugs at the moment [Or
even if we're supposed to be!] so I thought I'd bring this up here.

If I have the drag-icon visible and go to http://www.mozilla.org I get
the mozilla favicon. If I then open up the toolbar editor and move the
position of the drag-icon then it reverts back to the drag-icon icon
until I reload the site, or go to another page with a favicon set.

I also get a crash when clearing my history, and when adding a bookmark
the OK button doesn't seem to be the default, ie typing in keywords and
hitting enter does nothing, you have to hit Alt-O, or click the OK
button to complete the action.

Other than that it looks quite nice (If only you could import my
bookmarks from galeon I might even migrate fully:p)

Other thank that looks nicely thought through [Not yet convinced about
bookmark keywords though ...]

Good work
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