[Epiphany] A few thoughts

Hey everyone!

1. Epiphany doesn't seem to pick up MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME. I have to use 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. It'd make sense to me if it would use it. (sure, one 
can make a script for this, but it'd be nice, if this would be the 
default behaviour.)

2. I think it would be better if a tab would get automatically the 
focus after being opened (so that one wouldn't have to do Ctrl-T, 
Ctrl-L to be able to type in a new tab.)

3. Why isn't there an IRC channel for epiphany? I'm sure it'll become a 
quite popular project, so it'd be a good thing to have a channel 
devoted to it.



P.S. Should I bugzilla number 2?

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