Re: FYI: Eog string update

sön 2004-09-26 klockan 14.31 skrev Jens Finke:
> Hello,
> a small string update happend in 'Eye of Gnome' recently. To be more 
> specific, the string "%i x %i pixel  %s    %i%%" has been reintroduced 
> from the 2.6 series. I've updated where possible the translation by 
> copying the string from the 2.6 release. All previously 100% translated 
> languages have been updated now except 'bs', because there wasn't a 
> translation for 2.6 yet.
> Translations which need an update anyway haven't been touched by me.
> Regards,
>     Jens

While I don't disapprove of the above solution to the problem, I
vehemently disagree with the string freeze being ignored and requests
for approval and prior discussion being ignored.

EOG is part of GNOME. GNOME is string frozen. EOG has not branched for
gnome-2-8 yet. Hence, EOG HEAD is, and should be, string frozen. Follow
the instructions on
when and if you need to request approval to break the freeze.

At the very least, let translators know *in advance* if you plan to
patch the po files! This is so that CVS conflicts can be avoided, or
reintroduced buggy translations or other unwanted sideeffects be avoided


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