Re: tiff multi-document files

On Jan 21, 2004, at 2:27 AM, Alexander Larsson wrote:

In some sense its sort of unfortunate that gnome-vfs uris are based on
normal URIs, because that limits us a bit and in some cases it causes
trouble because people expect that gnome-vfs should support all sorts of
things you can do with web-uris, such as mailto:, callto:, javascript:
etc. In fact, we partially handle these by installing handler app
settings for them, but in reality they are not really gnome-vfs uris.

Regarding the IETF docs, the thing I'm most interested in is to be sure that the grammar that they publish for URIs are the same as what gnome-vfs uses, so that URIs that are appropriate to the VFS can be generated from some external source, and be handled by a gnome-vfs client that doesn't necessarily know it's content.

The way gnome-vfs currently handles chained uris is described in
gnome-vfs/doc/uri.txt. Its working to some extent, but the work has
never really been finalized and polished up to work in the desktop.

Thanks - the text files aren't in the release tarballs. Looking at them in cvs helps out a lot.

To make it work you'd have to:
* Work on the chained methods (zip, tar, gzip etc) to make them work
better than they do today. The existance of the gnome-vfs daemon in 2.5
should make this easier
* Finish the work with putting chained uri handlers into the mime info,
so that the file manager can now what file types are chainable
* Make the file handler recognize chainable file types and browse them
* Make all users of gnome-vfs correctly handle chained uris (i.e.
gnome_vfs_uri_get_parent() on file:///some/file#foo:/ returns

Thanks for the laundry list - I can start working toward these. I'll be away from email for a few days, but I'll be working my way through the new code over the course of the week.

- George

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