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Hi Bryan,

Bryan W Clark wrote:
I did a little hacking of the EOG Collection View today to hopefully
improve it a little bit.

thanks for your interest and your work on eog.

I changed the default behavior to be a horizontal scroll instead of

Personally, I often want a quick overview over all the photos I shot at a day. So I won't change the scroll policy to horizontal scrolling in general. Admittedly, if you display only a single row of images the horizontal scrolling makes more sense. IMO the right solution would be to switch to horizontal scrolling automatically if the size of the thumbnail viewer is reduced to a single row.

Also I changed the visibility method for the scrolling of the canvas, it
now makes sure that the next thumbnail plus a little bit more are
visible upon switching selected thumbnails.  I'm hoping this provides
people with better feedback on what image is next as they are switching
thumbnails in the list.

The idea is good. For a general solution (horizontal / vertical scrolling) the patch must be improved of course (though I haven't looked at the patch in detail yet).

I whipped up a little web page explaining what I did with some
screenshots so you can get a better idea.

The layout algorithm has been reworked in the current CVS HEAD version (also included in the 2.5.0 tarball). So the large vertical space in your shots should vanish now.

Also another change that I made was the save on rotate.  I hooked the
save image callback into the rotate functions so that it will
automatically save on rotation of an image. [...]

This has some drawbacks:

- With each saving of a jpeg the quality is reduced (lossy format). This can be avoided if libjpeg is used for lossless transformation of local jpeg files (which is planned).

- A nice thing in EoG is that you can rotate a large bunch of images in one run, while only the thumbnail representations are rotated. This is extremly fast and you get a quick overview if your transformation was right (eg. I always get horizontal/vertical flipping wrong). If an image is

- You can undo transformations, without touching the files again.

- IMO people don't expect that the change will overwrite the original file immediately (usability issue: may lead to data loss)

- Eog can save only 'png' and 'jpeg' files. If you rotate eg. a gif file the automatic save will fail.

My idea for a better usability on this for 2.6 is:

- Visually indicate that an image was modified
- Select all modified images with one menu function
- Ask the user on close if he want's to save the modifications if there are any.

Last (and this didn't work out...) I tried to put in a toolbar item for
the full screen slide-show mode, but the standard "fullscreen" icon
didn't show up.  I know I just have the name wrong, but I couldn't find
the right one to use.

Again a good idea. Though, I don't know of any default fullscreen icon (means one included in gtk/gnome). I think we must provide our own.

On a general note: Please make patches against the CVS HEAD version of eog, it changed quite a lot recently. It will build also against a Gnome 2.4 environment (yet :). Also it's a good idea to split different changes into different patches, to better see which change belongs to which functionality.



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