"Unrecognized image file format" error when loading JPG file


I am using Gnome 2.4 and keep getting the following error when trying to load any JPG file:

Loading failed
Loading of image BigBrother.jpg failed.
Reason: Unrecognized image file format.

However, I am able to load it using 'xloadimage' or analyse the files using 'jpeginfo' utility:

benko smee benko $ jpeginfo download/BigBrother.jpg
download/BigBrother.jpg  600 x 554  24bit JFIF  N   97033

Also, I can convert the JPG file into PNG (using 'jpegtopnm' utility) and then open it without any problem in 'eog'.

The problem is only with JPG (JPEG) files, and I have not noticed any issues with other file types. I tried running 'eog' in a verbose/debug mode but could not found an option for it.

Annoyingly, this used to work (in my Gnome 2.2), which stopped working when I updated one of my applications (not sure which one). I suspect it has something to do with MIME types or something, but I cannot find out what. As a result the problem is in all Gnome applications that display JPG files (except mozilla and epiphany).

Any help is really appreciated. BTW, I am a Linux novice, so please bare that in mind when responding.

Best regards,
benjamin kopic
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