Re: Thoughts on the collection view

Hi Dave,

thanks for testing the collection view.

On 14 Oct 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> 1. It would be nice if the nautilus collection view was a split screen
> view, the bottom showing icons of all the images in the dir and the top
> a view of the currently selected icon. This feature really makes the
> winxp photo view really useful, and I'd like to see it part of eog (I
> also suspect that this feature is one of the reasons people seem to like
> gthumb). Without such a feature, a simple icon view doesn't really
> provide much beyond the nautilus icon view (exception is the really cool
> fullscreen).

You are right. This isn't there just because no one done it yet.

> 2. The eog thumbnails look flat. Nautilus adds a slight background to
> its thumbnails that make them look 3dish, would be cool in eog did this
> as well

This is purely eye-candy, which can be added later (especially, because we
can just use the nautilus/eel code).

> 3. It seems like eog creates new thumbnails whenever it is used to view
> a folder.

Yes. This is due to the stupid implementation. It will use the new
thumbnail framework by Alex Larsson soon.

> 4. could the background color of the view be switched to match the one
> used in nautilus icon view.

Is it hardcoded in nautilus resp. a specific nautilus option? Or does
it consider the selected theme?

Best wishes,


"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as
if it were a nail" - A. Maslow           -= =-

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