Re: [PATCH] start of collection/* port

Hi Diego,

On 18 Apr 2002, Diego González wrote:
> here is patch that convers some of the files in collection/* to gnome
> 2.0
> tomorrow more, now i'm going to bed

thank you very much for working on EoG. Unfourtunately I've started
exactly the same thing on my local tree a few days ago and I am nearly
ready now. And since I changed some other things there too, it seems like
you wasted your time a bit :-/. I am very sorry about this.

And as a sidenote: The collection component won't be in the Gnome2
release. It is too buggy and sucks in so many ways, that this is definetly
a post Gnome2 issue.

Best regards,


 -= =-   -= jens triq net =-

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