Re: gdk_pixbuf_flip() and eog metafiles

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> Ole Aamot nr no writes:
> > I read about gdk_pixbuf_flip() in the list archive.
> >
> > Is the function in a branched tree of gdk-pixbuf or
> > in eog?
> I don't think that function exists yet.  Should be a 5-minute thing to
> write.
> > Sometimes orientation correction is necessary before
> > the image is displayed.
> NO!  NO!  NO!  What we need to do is to fire-bomb the factories of all
> digital camera manufacturers who are to cheap to put a goddamn mercury
> sensor in their stupid cameras.  I paid nearly USD 1000 for my stupid
> camera and it sucks to have to rotate images by hand :)

Federico, you are right. Unfortunatley, most users must rotate there
images since the camera doesn't do this and we should support it in eog.
It's a feature all more or less good image viewers have. And it must be
possible to save these rotateted images.


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