[Ekiga-list] Ekiga 2.0.09 in Feisty?

E Johnson iris.gates at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 15:42:38 UTC 2007

We are trying to install a newer Ekiga in order to get rid of bad sound
between PC running Debian Etch (me) and PC running Ubuntu Feisty (him). We
had Ekiga 2.0.03 working but the sound was unacceptable.

Understood from reading help messages that we shoud at least use a newer
version, Ekiga 2.0.09. Before we installed that, Ekiga 2.0.11 was made
available, so we tried installing it, instead.

But the Feisty system has a dependencies problem with PWLib when installing
2.0.11 from the source packages.
What happened:
Opal installed okay.
PWLib installed okay after getting dependencies from Synaptic.
Ekiga 2.0.11 would not Configure.The error message was:

configure: error: Sorry but the PWLib version you are using doesn't support
Then I read messages here today, that recommend installing Opal, PWLib and
Ekiga from the Snapshots page. Okay that makes sense, thanks.

But I see on the Ekiga - CVS Snapshots page, that there are no snapshots for
Ubuntu Feisty.

Can someone running Feisty use another version of Ekiga and Opal and PWLib
that is on the Snapshots page?

Will snapshots be made available for Feisty?

Meanwhile, will one of the other versions on the Snapshots page work in

Liz J
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