[Ekiga-list] problem with windows version of Ekiga

Raj Kombiyil rkombiyil at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 12:29:41 UTC 2007

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for taking time off to write.. I apologize for
the late reply... Anyway, there is *no* change in my
situation - on a gnu/linux desktop, I could register
and use ekiga without any problem (audio/video works
fine between gnu/linux machines). I installed it on my
laptop which uses an onboard ethernet controller (the
first time it recognized correctly, I can't figure out
where these configuration files are stored in -- I am
not much of a windows person.. In linux, it is inside
.gconf directory. Anyway, I purged the windows
installation and reinstalled it couple of times - no
luck. I can't remember where it threw the name of the
onboard ehternet controller (network) at me.. And I
can't make out where to give the -d 4 option which you
mentioned? I tried to give it at the *run* command
window as: <path to ekiga.exe>\ekiga.exe -d 4
I checked other options with the conf wizard again.
Where are all these user specific files stored? 
Anyway, does anybody else experience similar problems?

Thanks for any help/tips,
P.S. Though I am subscribed, I have disabled getting
emails from the list for now. Hence kindly reply to
this addy. Thanks.

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