[Ekiga-list] Microphone issue

Christopher L Tubbs II ctubbsii at emich.edu
Sun Sep 30 03:14:31 UTC 2007

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Hello all,

I'm having a bit of trouble installing setting up my USB audio
microphone built into my webcam (Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX) to
work with Ekiga. I'm using the latest 2.0.11 with matching dependencies
on Fedora 7/i686.

I've got it working perfectly using my laptop (snd-hda-intel as output
device, snd-usb-audio as input).

However, on my desktop (snd-intel8x0 for output, snd-usb-audio as input,
using same webcam), I am unable to pick up any audio from the
microphone. The test during the configuration druid works perfectly.
However, when I'm in a call, it does not pick up any audio. I've checked
ALSA's mute toggle for the mic, as well as Ekiga's settings, and can't
see what's wrong.

I realize that the problem may be in the way the audio devices are
configured, and not with Ekiga, but considering the test works, but a
call doesn't, I think it is more likely that Ekiga is changing some ALSA
settings when I start a call, perhaps conflicting with GNOME's settings
(for example, I notice sometimes that Ekiga will mute my microphone on
my laptop upon startup, when it has already been unmuted by GNOME). Any
suggestions for troubleshooting would be helpful. I'll gladly provide
more specific configuration details if it will help.

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