[Ekiga-list] Listening on different network interfaces

yannick sevmek at free.fr
Fri Sep 21 16:52:45 UTC 2007

Le vendredi 21 septembre 2007 à 13:33 +0200, Tobias Krais a écrit :
> Hi Palo,
> > I think that in the meantime, you can try to set up
> > Twinkle to do the job - it has the required feature
> > and I would bet that your sound quality problems
> > with it are connected with ALSA - try using OSS (ALSA
> > implementation in Twinkle does not seem to be the
> > best). At least for me, Twinkle has comparable
> > sound quality to Ekiga when using OSS.
> OSS supports my sound card only in half duplex mode. Thus I need to use
> ALSA for VoIP. Twinkle seems to support ALSA very well but does not
> support the good quality codecs Ekiga uses (PCMU). Thus speech quality
> is better in Ekiga. For this I will use Ekiga.

Let's be fair, Twinkle has PCMU too (just the name change):

Twinkle supports the following audio codecs.
      * G.711 μ-law (64 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate)
> Greetings, Tobias
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