[Ekiga-list] Registration failed

Julien Puydt jpuydt at free.fr
Mon Sep 10 19:26:18 UTC 2007

David Esteban a écrit :
> I tried during hours make work Ekiga in several machines using Ubuntu. But
> always i try to configurate an account it always sais:Registration failed :
> Timeout. I thought at first it was due to my wireless connection, maybe too
> slow to receive the reply from the server before the time out. But after
> that i tried DSL and LAN conections and still does not work.
> The configuration i use is as follows :
> Account Name : DAVID ESTEBAN
> Registrar : ekiga.net
> User : david.esteban (my account is david.esteban at ekiga.net)
> Password : mypassword
> DTMF is configured is set at RFC2833 and STUN server is stun.ekiga.net
> I tried configuring the account thru the Configuration Druid and manually,
> but it still doesnt work.
> Can you give me any clue??

Registration failing because of a timeout can be :
1) the server is really down and doesn't answer ;
2) you have a firewall and the answer didn't find its way back to you.

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