[Ekiga-list] segfault - svn

Julien Puydt jpuydt at free.fr
Thu Sep 6 04:37:22 UTC 2007

Mildred a écrit :

> I just compiled the svn version of ekiga (because I need the fix to be
> able to cann someone at freephonie.org that don't like when ekiga uses
> multiples ports, apparently)
> But now if I try to run it, I have some glib errors followed by a
> segfault: 

svn trunk is pretty unstable right now, with breaks coming alternatively 
from pwlib, opal and ekiga. That's the downside of having many new 
features coming in fast ;-)

Doesn't the gnome-2-20 branch (future ekiga 2.0.10) have what's needed 

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