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Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Mon Sep 3 10:59:48 UTC 2007

Jason Dixon wrote:
> [ Resending to the list... ]
> We're looking to improve on our broadcasts for the MetaBUG (http:// 
> metabug.org), as well as possible future Linux/BSD conferences.  One  
> of our members mentioned Ekiga, but I wasn't able to determine if it  
> met all of our feature needs.  Here are the features we're looking for:
> - FOSS
> - Runs on *BSD
> - Audio/Video streaming to QTSS
> - Video capture of presenter's screen (slides)
> We've been using QuickTime Broadcaster on OS X to stream A/V capture  
> from my DV camera.  To be blunt, this method sucks (the capture part,  
> not the streaming part).  Ideally we want to take the slides directly  
> off the presenter's laptop and stream it with audio from an external  
> mic.  I've found a commercial offering (http://www.varasoftware.com/ 
> products/wirecast/) that does this, but the price hurts and it only  
> runs on Windows/Mac.

We're working on an OPAL based solution for this problem.

Hannes Friedreich has implemented the ability have multiple video 
streams with a single call, which is necessary for sending both video 
and application capture. This code will be integrated into the CVS head 
after the next stable release (in the next few weeks).

I am working on an MCU which will allow this data to be shared amongst 
multiple callers.

It's all just a matter of time :)


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