[Ekiga-list] USB headset and use/detection

Hi List,

Ubuntu Feisty, Ekiga 2.0.11.

I note that Ekiga seems to only scan the available sound devices on
startup.  So, if I start up with the headset on, make a call, hangup,
and then make another call but unplug the headset, Ekiga gives me a
couple of errors, rather than defaulting to another sound system.  The
same is true if I start up with no headset plugged in, and then plug
them in before a call.

I know about selecting the sound I/O devices with
Edit->Preferences->Devices->Audio Devices, so it's not a big deal, but
what would be the obstacles in implementing automatic detection/use with
D-Bus?  Thus, Ekiga could have a "Default device if available" plan, and
do a quick devices check just before initiating every call.



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