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I just found out what to do....I searched online and found that the packages DO install the headers Ekiga wanted, but in a default folder, whereas I should be installing them with this added on the end: --prefix=/usr
When I did that, everything went well...sorry for the confusion, it was because I was ignorant of the installation path (and because of my general linux ignorance).
Thanks for trying to understand my nonsense!

On 10/4/07, David Corking <lists dcorking com> wrote:
On 9/29/07, Zachary Zelinski wrote:
> Thanks for the information, but I do already have all three packages from
> The issue is not those packages, it is that during my ekiga
> build, it says I cannot continue because the build requires the opal
> headers. There is a version of the opal-dev package in synaptic, but that
> version of the headers requires that I install an older version of opal,
> effectively stopping my ekiga installation. Is there a place to get the opal
> headers that match the 2.2.11 opal files? This is what I need to continue
> building ekiga.

Zach - I am afraid I missed your question but you have confused me.

1. Please list exactly which three packages you downloaded.

2. What is your reason for building ekiga rather than downloading the
binary?  It is not normally necessary for Ubuntu on x86.

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