[Ekiga-list] speakerphone mode

I typically use Ekiga with a headset for best sound quality and to avoid echo from speaker to mic feedback. Sometimes I want to use an external speaker and mic (for instance, when my daughter and wife also want to participate in the conversation), but I can't get past the echo problem. Echo cancellation just doesn't seem to work well (I'm using mic and speaker on the same sound card) and when it does seem to be working it degrades the audio quality.

I would be perfectly happy with a half-duplex setting so I could use external audio sans echo. Is this something that can be easily done now? I think many speakerphones work this way and it's not so bad.

Also, I think it would be a good idea to have A/V profiles to quickly switch between different mics, speakers and video devices, sizes, etc. Maybe even associate these profiles to different contacts. And the interface would have a drop-down list so you could quickly switch to "SpeakerPhone" profile or whatever.


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