Re: [Ekiga-list] Speex codec

We have been testing the new Windows version 2.0.9 and it looks like no
matter what Audio Codec you use there is a problem where the audio
starts to click continuously and the CPU on the PC goes to 100%. I have
tried this on 4 windows systems and one Linux system. However if I call
any of my room based systems connecting with G711U (PCMU) then it works.
It is only when it is PC to PC even using PCMU. This looks to be an echo
cancellation issue because right before it goes bad you here a loud
screech and then clicking. I have tried turning on/off silence detection
and echo cancellation but still no luck when calling PC to PC for more
than 30 seconds to a min. I have tried other Sip and H.323 software
products and do not have this issue, so I have to assume the PC are not
the problem

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