[Ekiga-list] video not getting while using h.263 codec plugin.



Hi all,


I added h.263 codec plugin to opal and called it from ekiga. When I tried to connect ekiga and salyens VoIP using H.263 I got log messages in salyens VoIP receiving h.263 CIF data. But I am unable to see the video. Also the cam at ekiga side got stuck up. I modified the SetVideoMediaFormats function in ekiga.


 Please tell me the bit rate and vq of h.263. I used the same values of h.261. I am using ekiga – 2.0.5. Also when I connected two ekiga systems with h.263 codec plugin it got connected through h.261 codec. Please tell me where I am wrong. Any guidance in this regard will be great help for me.


Thanks and Regards,




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