Re: [Ekiga-list] Windows installation problems

On 6/9/07, Bernat Tallaferro <bernat tallaferro gmail com> wrote:


I am a Gnome user and I've wanting to use Ekiga for a long time. I'm
using WengoPhone at the moment and I'm satisfied with it, but I've
always wanted to test Ekiga as well.

The problem is that my contacts are using Windows. I tried the Windows
installer on one of my relatives' computer some months ago, and after
installation Ekiga would consistently crash every time it was started,
so I had to resort to Openwengo there.

Now I've tried the Windows installer on a Windows XP computer again,
and it seems that this package is not marked as experimental anymore.

I simply downloaded the package, started the executable and when it
asked me for the location where I wanted to install GTK I choose the
default one (C:\Program Files\Ekiga). After clicking "Install", the
installer starts and after a few seconds an error comes up:

"Error installing GTK runtime. Would you like to continue anyway?"

After that, I can always either cancel the installation or go on, but
in any case Ekiga obviously won't run without without GTK.

Any ideas?

yes,  you need to install GTK+ 1st. go Google with keywords "GTK+ windows"




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