Re: [Ekiga-list] Win32 Ekiga 2.0.9-BETA connection problems (repost with log)

Hello again,

     I tried all three combinations (PCMA,PCMU,PCMA&PCMU)
     No change in the results  - still no connection.
      ( I tried posting all three log files initially, but the message
      was bounced as it exceeded 40KB. If anyone wants to see them
       please tell me what section to post so it won't get bounced again)

Vincent Luba wrote:
bob olbrich a écrit :
Here's the repost with the attached  stderr.txt file:


It is strange that REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE transaction goes fine, while 
INVITE transaction times out. This might be a problem with the message 

Try again after you have disabled all the codecs except PCMA and/or PCMU.
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