Re: [Ekiga-list] Will analog phone adapters work with Ekiga?

> Are their adapters that can allow me to plug this old fashioned phone
> into the computer and use that directly.  How would you make that work
> with Ekiga.  I have no interest in those VOIP companies like Vonage.
> I prefer not to be locked into a vendor hence Ekiga.  So I look on the
> Internet and see lots of company's that I don't know anything about.
> They all have these little SIP routers but I am not sure if they work
> with Ekiga as they all talk about resellers and VOIP providers.  I
> never see anything about end users.  Also would the telephone's keypad
> work or would I have to use the mouse to punch them in to Ekiga like I
> do now.

If you would like to use analog telephone on an VoIP network, you
need ATA (analog telephone adapter - ask google). But since this is a
SIP client itself, you don't need ekiga anymore.

For example, I have IP telephones at home/company and ekiga on my 
laptop. Ekiga allows me to register to my VoIP provider and make  calls
from wherever as long as I am connected to internet. Because I 
always login with the same provider, the calees always see the same 
caller ID.

Hope this helps a bit, 

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