Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga sound problem

Good Morning,
             when i tested from configuration druid audio device 7/10 , test is working properly , what ever i speek after 4 sec delay i can got out put
But i was tested 500 ekiga net then video is proper , but audio i have same proble ,its not passing though

Please suggest somethink
or may be latest vertion sort my problem
at your place voip is working properly ?

Datta Koli

Oisin Feeley <oisin feeley gmail com> wrote:
Without other information I'd suggest trying the following:

0) Make sure that your end is working by using the echo test
"sip:500 ekiga net". If it's not then follow 1 to 6 below. If it is
then get the remote user to do the same thing.

1) check that your microphone is switched on

2) Make sure that the microphone is selected as the input device
your mic is>
(For me the appropriate device in "Input Device" is "USB Logitech")

3) Make sure that your headset is selected as the output device
your headset is>
(For me the appropriate device in "Output Device" is "USB Logitech")

4) Make sure the correct "mixer device is selected"

5) Make sure that your mixer-application has volume turned up
correctly for whatever is your output device. I use the gnome volume
applet 2.14.3 as a mixer application

6) Goto 0)


On 1/24/07, Datta Koli wrote:
> Hi, Dears
> I am the new member of the ekiga family,
> i just install & configure ekiga 2.0.2 ,
> with both the protocol h323 & sip
> If i try to connect with 2 pcs with ekiga
> after confiuration driud all testing is proper but
> when i am dial to another pc its asking for accept connection that time
> its ringing
> after accepting connection i am getting video conferrance is working
> properly,
> but voip is also connected properly , but voice is not flowing pc to pc
> i looking for some help on this problem
> please help me
> Thanks in advance
> datta koli
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