Re: [Ekiga-list] Click-to-Dial from Firefox

> Hi,
> Le dimanche 04 février 2007 à 01:46 +0100, Rene Bartsch a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> is there any way to do click-to-dial (tel, sip and h323 uris) in
>> Firefox?
>> Running "ekiga -c sip:xxx" command only works in case Ekiga hasn't been
>> started, yet. Doing this while running an Ekiga instance causes an error
>> message.
> It should work in both cases. I just tried again here in a
> gnome-terminal.

I've just tried again. Ekiga 2.0.4 ist automatically started by the
autostart from KDE. When I run "ekiga -c sip:612 fwd pulver com" I get two
windows with error messages, one complaining about the listener port for
SIP being in use and the other complaining about the listener port for
H.323 being in use. When I press "OK" in both windows, a new Ekiga
instance is started dialing "sip:612 fwd pulver com".

But every time I get the two error messages and two instances of Ekiga
trying to use the same resources.

Is there any voodoo in Gnome which is not available in KDE?

Is it possible to use some "dbus-send xxx" command for dialing (I have no
plan of dbus ...)?

Thanx for any hint


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