[Ekiga-list] Ekiga D-Bus howto?


I would like to explore the possibilites of talking to ekiga via D-Bus
from the remote process. As firts thing, I would like to write a reaction
to the incoming call, i.e. to be notified when the incoming call
arrives (so that I can mute other sound streams in PulseAudio, suspend
full-screen applications, etc).

	I have tried to run dbus-monitor --session, but when the incoming
call occurs, nothing is being sent over the session D-Bus.

	I have found only this document:
- is this up-to-date?

	I have tried to talk to ekiga using Perl and Net::DBus module,
but I cannot find a net.ekiga service (found only org.gnome.phone service,
but I don't know whether this is related to ekiga).

	Does anybody have an example of how to talk to ekiga over
D-Bus with Perl (or maybe Python)?


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