Re: [Ekiga-list] trace of problem getting Ekiga to workin Kubuntu gutsy

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> Sergei Steshenko a écrit :
> > Looks like a bug (midding feature) in Ekiga. OpenWengo has 
> a configuration file
> > which has port numbers in it; the file can be changed from the GUI.
> In gconf, there is : /schemas/apps/ekiga/protocols/sip/listen_port
> Nothing's missing.

I can't look at my home installation atm since I'm at work, but I also
have Ekiga installed on an FC5 box next to me.  This has directories
/root/.gconf/apps/ekiga/protocols and
/home/dhigton/.gconf/apps/ekiga/protocols, neither of which contains
a sip subdirectory or a listen_port file.  Both installations are 2.0.11.

Is sip/listen_port created only under earlier/later versions of Ekiga,
or only under some different circumstance, or what?



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