[Ekiga-list] Remote user rejected the call


I am trying to connect to machines, both running ekiga 2.0.9. From 
either end I can not make the connection. The 'General History' shows 
the message "Remote user rejected the call". When I run with -d 4, I get 
lines as follows, each time I try to connect:

2007/04/25 10:55:30.755  35:59.885            OnRelease:85dc678 GMSIPEndpoint    SIP connection released
2007/04/25 10:55:30.756  35:59.886            OnRelease:85dc678 GMManager        Will release the connection
2007/04/25 10:55:30.756  35:59.887            OnRelease:8666120 GMPCSSEndpoint   PCSS connection released
2007/04/25 10:55:30.757  35:59.887            OnRelease:8666120 GMManager        Will release the connection

What is the problem?


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