Re: [Ekiga-list] cannot receive incomming telephone calls


I see nothing weird.
Does it receive the INVITE message?

If so, can you point where in the log it is being received?


Le mardi 26 septembre 2006 à 20:02 -0400, Sick Twist a écrit :
> I'm still having problems with Ekiga and BroadVoice. Sometimes when Ekiga v 
> 2.0.3 is running (in available mode) and an incomming call is made from a 
> landline, Ekiga just ignores the call and the call rolls over to voicemail. 
> Other times the first incomming call can be accepted but additional calls 
> cannot be answered.
> Here are the last 60000 bytes ( limit) of the debug output. In 
> this log, Ekiga can accept calls at first but then it ignores them:
> Jonathon
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