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starikarp starikarp at linuxquestions.net
Tue Sep 12 22:48:49 UTC 2006

It is crazy:

"From:    Nabble <support at nabble.com>
  To:    me
  Subject:    Post to mailing list still pending
  Date:    Tue 12/09/2006 02:10 PM
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Dear Nabble user:

Your recent message "Re: [Ekiga-list] Video and Linux to Windows" has 
not yet been accepted by the mailing list and is still in the pending 

To prevent further e-mails and to ensure that you message is accepted by 
the mailing list, please follow the link below:


Nabble Support

To stop receiving this alert, delete your message:"

I tried everything. I subscribe to the mailing list and than I sign that I
don't want received nothing: I don't receiving email but everyday I received
something like is above email.

Could you delete me from you forum and mailing list, please?

Thank you.

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